Mondo Pop – Pop Surrealism Big Bang !

Pop Surrealism Big Bang!
At the roots of Pop Surrealism, curated by David Vecchiato.

Exposition collective /  Mondo Pop Gallery – Rome
Date de l’exposition :  du 19 mars au 07 mai 2011.

From March 19 to May 7th  MondoPOP International Gallery goes back to the roots of the new art currents as Pop Surrealism, Urban Art, Lowbrow with a collective shows that investigates roots of the most popular trends of New Art in the world.
An overview on the fundamental aesthetic elements of subcultures from the 50s until nowadays:
Pin Up, Custom Car, Tattoo, Punk, Rock n ‘roll, Skateboard, Surf, Tiki, Sci-fi, Mexico, Japan!
The new generation of this movement joins the most popular artists to explain a particular imaginary, playful and dark, dreamy and real.
Women and engines, tattoo & dolls, perfect little sculptures, miniatures and colorful Mannerist works.
In MondoPOP style, different interpretations are joined for an overlook of the direction taken by the young contemporary art trend.

artistes participants : Josh Agle (aka Shag), Nicola Alessandrini, Glenn Barr, Becca, Marco About Bevivino, Carole Bielicki, Victor Castillo, Diamond, Diavù,  Camilla D’Errico, Explo , Jeremy Fish, Massimo Giacon, Angelique Houtkamp, Frank Kozik, Nathan Jurevicious, Charles Krafft, Bethany Marchman, Chris Mars, Sergio Mora, Morg, Lisa Petrucci, Mark Ryden, Isabel Samaras, Derek Yaniger

via dei Greci 30
00187 Roma / Italy