“DeerBLN project05” KAB europe

Keep A Breast présente DeerBLN project

Keep A Breast  Europe 23 rue de Ruat, Bordeaux, France.
date de l’exposition : du  08 octobre au 16 novembre  2011.

“The Heart”

deerbln05DeerBLNproject, a growing group show !
Founded by Berlin artist Christian Rothenhagen (a.k.a. deerBLN) in 2006, the deerBLNproject has a simple, clean yet engaging concept :
By personal invitation from Christian, artists are asked to submit an artpiece that adheres to only two rules:
The first is that is has to relate to the topic “deer“.
The second, it has to be a specific, set size of 30 x 30cm (almost 12 x 12 inches).
Any medium – such as painting, drawing, collage, … , assemblage, photography etc. is possible. It only has to be easily shipable.
With every new artist, another point of view is added to the ongoing project, and C. Rothenhagen likes to stress that the artwork does not necessarily have to feature a deer itself – to him, it is more about the things the artist associates with the topic, and the variations that inevitably occur: it is all about different perspectives.

The deerBLNproject is a constantly growing, travelling exhibition that has already been exhibited at :
SUPERPLAN / Berlin (No. 1)
INOPERAble / Vienna (No. 2)
CARHARTT / Cologne (No. 3)
STRYCHNIN / Berlin (No. 4)

Currently featuring more than 100 artists from 15 countries.

Exhibition No. 5 brings the show to the KEEP-A-BREAST Europe – Bordeaux, France.